African States Leaders rating

African States Leaders rating

CSEGR presents to your attention the full version of a new large-scale study on the leaders of African states. The work has been prepared by the authors’ team under the leadership of the leading expert of CSEGR, Dr. S.L. Tkachenko.

Our study of the leaders of the African continent represents an attempt to create an original system of assessment of personal and professional qualities of the top leaders of 52 states in accordance with common criteria. The application of this approach opens the prospect of comparative studies, revealing the influence of the personality factor in the development of domestic political processes both in the states under consideration and in a broader regional and global context.

The aim of the study is to develop and test a comprehensive rating of political leaders of African states, reflecting their place and role in the modern political and economic system of the continent.

The assessment of leadership qualities of political figures is based on a set of indicators compatible with the definition of «good governance» (good governance) used by the UN structures since the early 1990s to promote universal development models in individual member states and integration of the Global South into the global political-economic system. In the course of the study, the top leaders of 52 states of the African continent were evaluated according to 20 criteria.

For each criterion, points were assigned, then the points were summarized and the final rating was built on the basis of a composite index. In general, the leaders of African states can be divided into three groups: «leaders» (10 presidents), «middlers» (31 presidents) and «laggards» (11 presidents).